Stad College

Verslag uitwisseling Yaroslavl januari 2014

When we finally arrived with the bus at Yaroslavl I was so happy.

I couldn’t wait to see my exchange partner since we talked a lot on Facebook the previous months . She is the most nicest person I ever met.
It was really dark when we arrived at the school, but the Russian student had so much energy when greeting us. That gave me a good feeling. When I arrived home I got so much food and it was really delicious! I really like the Russian cuisine.
The next day we went on excursion trough Yaroslavl which is a very beautiful city. We saw churches, a frozen river and the governor’s house. I even got to sit on the governor’s chair. I felt really honored.
Even when we had free time, the Russian students told us a lot about the city. I was really surprised about how much they know about Yaroslavl, it’s as big as my home country.
I really liked the bowling, the belkino and the ice-skating.
Over the week I felt that we didn’t only became friends but also a family. Everybody would help each other and nobody was alone. I could speak at ease with all the Russian students. Even though I like my own exchange partner the best, I’ll never forget the hospitality and kindness from her and her family ,the other Russian students en teachers. I can’t wait to see everybody in April again. Please let time pas fast.

Xoxo Lilly