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International Food Fair : 5 April 2019- From New York to New Zealand
Our exciting annual International Food Fair event is scheduled for 5th April 2019. We look forward to working with parent, teacher and student coordinators on the various regional food stands of Benelux, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Mediteranean, Middle East & Africa, Asia, North America, South America & the Caribbean, and Oceania and UK.

MYP3 exchange programme: France & Spain
It has been wonderful to experience our welcoming community with MYP3 families hosting the French and Spanish students. After the successful completion of the first leg of the exchange programme our MYP3 students are enthusiastically looking forwards to their stay in France/Spain in March 2019.

DP2 Mock and MYP5 eAssessment:
A big thank you to the parent volunteers who were engaged in the invigilation process for our DP2 and MYP5 students. We could see our students taking this experience seriously and we hope to see this in their results. 

Rubin Borges


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