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We have had a great beginning with new calendar year 2018. With an addition of another 5 students our student numbers have gone up to 255. The target was 244 for the school year 2017-2018.
The New Year’s reception on Friday the 12th of January was attended by the usual parents and some new comers too. For the next school year we will postpone this event by a couple of weeks to get a larger turnout of parents.
Thanks to Ms Geelen for guiding the personal project process for supervisors and students. The MYP3 students had a successful Alicante exchange where the Spanish student were hosted by MYP3 students. Thank you to all the parents of MYP3 who were very hospitable and welcomed the Spanish students in their homes. This gesture will be reciprocated by the Spanish families in April 2018. MYP4 students enjoyed an I&S excursion to the Tropenmuseum and a lecture the guest speaker: Dyonna Bennett.
Our students will participate in the water challenge and Biology Olympiad. Some of our students will be participating in the W4Kangoeroe competitions for Maths on the 15th of March.
International Food Fair 2018:
We are kicking-off the IFF 2018 event with an appeal for parent volunteers to send in their names if they would love to be a parent coordinator for their regional stands. This should be sent to PSG@edu.isalmere.nl
We cannot do this without your help.
Moving house in a couple of years:
We have some great news regarding the International campus. The city council members of the Almere have voted positively for building an international campus with the primary and secondary school together. This happened on 22nd February 2018. We are excited about this news. Two and a half year of lobbying and negotiations have led to this fantastic outcome. The next phase will be to get input from various parts of the school community: Students, staff and parents about wishes for the new campus. You will hear more about this soon.
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