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We begin this calendar year with an update on events and announcements of school activities through our newsletter. From now, the newsletter will be published on the last Friday of each month. This month’s newsletter highlights the many service activities and some guest speakers that were invited in school over the last few weeks. 
I would like to thank the PSG for the organisation of the New Year’s reception led by Nicole de Rooij and Caroline Rood. It was good to see parents and socialise with them. Next year we would appreciate a larger turnout. 
I would also like to thank Kirsty Bradley, our chemistry and science teacher who is leaving us today. Kirsty has been a great asset to the school, has worked very hard and is liked and respected by students and staff. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours. 
Looking forwards – please pay special attention to the appeal for parent coordinators for our International Food Fair schedule for 7 April 2017. We would be grateful for your participation. 
We would also like to welcome parents of MYP5 to a Theatre performance of their children on the 2nd of March. An invite was already sent out yesterday. 
Next week will be trial examinations for MYP5 eAssessment and DP2 mocks. We hope that the students rest well and come fully prepared for these trials. Your support at home is appreciated.

Warm wishes,

Rubin Borges


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