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We look forward to the Career fair on 17th November. It is incredible to see so many parents volunteering their precious time as guest speakers. This gesture is appreciated. The career fair is open to students of MYP5, DP1 and DP2. 
You will also read about many projects that engage the students. Most of them are student-initiated projects. The after school clubs have started in earnest. Every month you will read an article or two on the progress made by specific after school clubs.
I would also like to welcome the newly formed student council under the guidance of Rozemarijn Geelen and Bern Kroesen. They have started with enthusiasm organizing the Halloween party called “the Fright night” event.
Please keep an eye out to the published report cards of your children via ManageBac at the end of this term. We also look forward to seeing you all on the various events and the parent-student-teacher conferences on 12 and 14 December 2017. You will receive a letter of invitation for these events in due course.
Looking forward to the candle lit winter evenings !
Rubin Borges


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