Student council

The student council comprises of elected class representatives. The council organises various events in the school year including the Halloween party, Christmas ball, Spirit week, the International Food Fair and the End of year music concert/Barbeque.
This year’s student council president is Susannah Ayantunde and Vice President is Shanniva Mijnals. Both students are from DP1.
The other members of the student council are:

Amin Ansari MYP1
Emilia Andreoli MYP1
Jacqueline Roney MYP2
Aimee Meeajuan MYP2
Semmy Frie MYP3b
Benjamin Warren MYP3b
Makda Ghebrecristos MYP3i
Roxanne Dejnega MYP3i
Marnix Eversten MYP4b
Phillip Kokelkoren MYP4i
Anna van Poucke MYP5b
Sophie de Nijs MYP5b
Merel Kas MYP5i
Theo Syriopolous MYP5i
Susannah Ayantunde               DP1
Shanniva Mijnals DP1
Mai Thai de Rijk DP2
Tushar Sharma DP2

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