Participation Council (DR)

The participation council of the school (DR) consists of elected representatives of the parent, student and staff community. Their contribution and support on many items are crucial for the further development of processes and policies in school. They have an advisory role and sometimes have to give their consent on particular items according to the participation council regulations. The council meets every six weeks with the Head of School. 
The participation council of the school consists of 2 members of the parent community, 2 members of the student community and 4 members of the staff community. All representatives are elected for a period of 3 years. The participation council of the school is a subsidiary (deel raad) of the council (MR) of Het Baken. The meetings of the DR are open for the school community. The meeting dates can be found in the school calendar. Any information regarding the DR can be found via the DR Secretary.
These are the representatives for 2018-2019:
Parent representatives: Karel Lankenau, Gabriel Drilea
Student representatives: Liora Kats, Jacqueline Roney
Staff representatives: Josefina Moreno, Juanita Arnaud, Gigi Laméris, Olja Orlandini
The chairperson is Gigi Lameris. You can contact the participation council  for queries and input at
Secretary: Josefina Moreno

Parent representative:
Karel Lankenau:


Parent representative:
Gabriel Drilea:


Student representative:
Jacqueline Roney: 


Student representative:
Liora Kats: My name is Liora Kats. I am a 17 years old, currently in DP1. I was born and raised in Almere, the Netherlands. I am half Dutch and half Ukrainian and therefore speak Russian, Dutch and English. I have been part of this school since MYP2. I love travelling, cooking and meeting new people. Being part of International School Almere has been, and is amazing. I got to know students, parents and teachers from all over the world and learn about all of their different cultural backgrounds. I was a member of the students council in MYP2 and really enjoyed that. As a student representative in the DR, I want to help improve and change the school for the better by letting student opinions and voices heard. I find this of great importance as this will help with new ideas ensuring that everyone at International School Almere has enjoyable and quality years of education.


Staff representative:
Juanita Arnaud: My name is Juanita Arnaud, I come from Malta and this is my third-year teaching at the International School Almere. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the IB community and to work in an open-minded school that celebrates diversity and promotes positivity. As a teacher, I put the students’ needs first in order to help them in their journey to reach their goals. Within the DR I am motivated to work with the staff, students and parent representatives to improve the school experience for all stakeholders.


Staff representative:
Josefina Moreno: My name is Josefina Moreno, I am Spanish. I had various roles in the school, now I teach Spanish. I live in Almere and I have 2 daughters. I have been working for the ISAlmere since 2011. I am very motivated to build a stable school. It is an honor to be part of the world wide IB community and the ISAlmere and to be able to participate in the growth and development of the school.


Staff representative:
Gigi Laméris: My name is Gigi Laméris, I am a half French and Dutch. I was born in the Netherlands but grew up in the south of France. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts I became a Visual Arts teacher alongside my studio work. In the past I have worked for various international fields (Opera) and professional Art projects (theater productions), as a Fine Arts artist and with and for other established artists, scenographers, performers. I have a Master’s in Set-Design and I am following a Master in Art Education and Art Management. I have the advantage of being out in the field in practice as an artist as my own entrepreneur, in relation with my students and keeping myself updated on the newest evolutions in education in my master’s program.  My main motivation to join the DR is to maintain an objective stand-point and be a filter for all matters that need to be assessed with great care and vigilance, separating financial interests and pedagogical interests and finally to help building a tough IB Curriculum continuum and IB based environment. I feel very grateful for this opportunity and can contribute to the school ethics, the I.S. Almere community’s growth and development.


Staff representative:
Olja Orlandini


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