Participation Council (DMR)

The participation council of the school (DMR) consists of elected representatives of the parent, student and staff community. Their contribution and support on many items are crucial for the further development of processes and policies in school. They have an advisory role and sometimes have to give their consent on particular items according to the participation council regulations. 

The participation council of the school consists of 2 members of the parent community, 2 members of the student community and 4 members of the staff community. These are the representatives for 2016-2017:
Parent representatives: Bert Demers, Alletta Stienstra
Student representatives: Nefeli Syriopoulos, Nathanya Seyed Mehdi
Staff representatives: Pep McRuairi, Josefina Moreno, Simona Ghizdareanu, Rob Thoolen
The chairperson is Bert Demers. You can contact the participation council via

Parent representative:
Bert Demers: My name is Bert Demers. I have a daughter and a son studying at ISAlmere. I have a very broad experience in working in an international environment and have been working and living in several countries in the world. I believe that students, teachers and parents can, in good cooperation with the Head of School, help to continuously improve the school and make it a great place to study. As a representative of the parents in the DMR, I am motivated to use life experiene to support this forum.

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Parent representative:
Alletta Stienstra: My name is Alletta Stienstra. I worked for over 20 years as an expert in several countries and am now based in the Netherlands. I have two sons at the school and was also part of the parent support group. Getting acquainted with the wonderful school community I am now motivated to build a stable school and active platform for parents.


Student representative:
Nefeli Syriopoulos: My name is Nefelin Syriopoulos and I am 17 years old. I am a DP2 student and would like to become a journalist. I come from Greece where I finished a French-Greek primary school. For 3 years, I lived in Belgium and followed a French speaking high school in Brussels. I joined ISAlmere in August 2014. I love travelling and logging my experiences to social media. I am always interested to be involved in school activities and to know what is going on in my school. As student representative in the DMR, I will try to change things for a conscious student lifestyle, so that all of us could enjoy a better school everyday.


Student representative:
Nathanya Seyed Mehdi: My name is Nathanya Seyed Mehdi. I am a 17-year old student, currently in DP2. I was born in Almere, the Netherlands. My first language, however, is Farsi as both my parents come from Iran. I have been part of this international community since MYP2. The best part is getting to know students, parents and teachers from all around the world inone school. I contributed most of my years in the student council, and hope to have a bigger influence in supporting the students and making the student voices heard in the DMR. To make sure all students gets a good and enjoyable education, and have a memorable year at the International School Almere.


Staff representative:
Pep McRuairi: My name is Pep Mac Ruairi and I have been teaching at IS Almere for most of my educational career, which spans 11 years. I know a lot about the history of the school, having witnessed it first-hand. Before I became a teacher, I performed in theatre and music productions (which I still pursue outside of school) and I also worked as a journalist and translator (Dutch to English). In the DMR I am a representative for the teachers, but as a teacher I will always put the students’ interests first. I believe motivation is the key to learning, no matter at what level, so giving students a sense of belonging and ownership of their learning are high priorities for me. All my pursuits have one common theme: communicating humanity. After all, we are all stuck in the human condition, with our strengths and foibles, and we should look at humankind with kindness and forgiveness. 


Staff representative:
Josefina Moreno: My name is Josefina Moreno, I am Spanish. I was born in Cadiz. I had various roles in the school but know I only teach Spanish. I live in Almere and I have 2 daughters. I have been working for the ISAlmere since 2011.I am very motivated to build a stable school. It is an honor to be part of the world wide IB community and the ISAlmere and to be able to participate in the growth and development of the school.


Staff representative:
Simona Ghizdareanu: I am Simona Ghizdareanu and I represent the teachers in the DMR of International School Almere.
Teaching Mathematics at ISAlmere since 2008, coordinating the Diploma Programme since its authorisation in 2010, with more than 25 years experience in education and various roles in the school life, I am happy to be part of the world wide IB community and to bring my contribution to the ISAlmere growth and development.


Staff representative:
Rob Thoolen: My name is Rob Thoolen and I am employed at the International School Almere as A teacher of Dutch A and B. I am also the career counselor and a mentor. About 15 years ago I started working in education. One could argue this was the result of a ‘late vocation’. I have been teaching in just about all Dutch school types (from VMBO to gymnasium). Five years ago I joined the International School Almere and entered the world of international education. However, whether one works in the Dutch system or in the system of the IB, the triangle student – parents – school is quintessential for the success and well-being of the student. Although I am representing the staff in the DMR I always try to keep the interests of all stakeholders in mind.


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