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For general inquiries, comments, suggestions and interest in volunteering for upcoming events, you can reach us at:

For class-specific concerns, please email your representative at the address stated below.

Current Representatives:

Yvonne Fischer
MYP2i Representative, Chairperson

My name is Yvonne Fischer. I have 2 sons at ISAlmere in MYP2 and in MYP4i. I used to work in the financial services industry until a few years ago. After that, I have graduated as a children’s coach. I joined the PSG because I believe that having an enthusiast Parent Support Group is a very valuable addition to our school. My goal is to contribute in creating a positive, energetic school atmosphere, where students, staff and parents of all cultures and nationalities enjoy being. ISAlmere is a growing community. And I am glad to be part of this process where our school develops into a larger, strong school.
It is my pleasure to be the chairperson of the PSG this school year. I look forward to all the beautiful events ahead of us!
Contact at:

Yvonne Fischer

Desa Facey
MYP3i Representative
Desa moved to the Netherlands from Boston one year ago. She has two children in MYP3i and MYP4i.

Caroline Rood
MYP3b Representative

My name is Caroline Rood. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have 2 daughters, 13 and 10 years old. The oldest one just joined the ISAlmere this year in MYP3b. The youngest one is still in 7th grade of elementary school. I joined the PSG because I would like to be engaged in the school of our children. I have always been actively involved in my daughters’ school in some way, like being a ”class parent'(klasse-ouder) or ‘‘library assistant’’ (bieb-moeder) for a number of years. Being part of the PSG will be a new experience and challenge, making myself useful for the school community and trying to make the school time experience for all children as good as possible. 
Contact at:

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Amal Le Collen
MYP4i Representative

Amal Le Collen has a son in MYP4i. Two years ago she was also a member of the PSG.

Martijn Krull
MYP4b Representative

My name is Martijn Krull; Carlo (MYP4b) and Laressa (MYP5b) are (two out of our three children) at the ISAlmere. I graduated as an aerospace engineer, and now working as an IT manager in the financial sector. I have a passion for technology, mountain-biking, Italy, cooking and preferably also tasting … As a member of the PSG, I hope to contribute to preserve the pleasant and open atmosphere at our school.
Contact at:

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Nicole de Rooij
MYP5i Representative

My name is Nicole de Rooij. I’m the proud mother of a son in MYP5i. This school year will be my second year as a PSG member and representative. I loved working for the PSG the last school year. It was my first year and it gave me the opportunity to mean something for the whole school community. As a representative, I was mainly involved in organizing events and by doing so, I could use my love for decorating and creativity. Last year some new successful festivities took place. We hope that with the example of last year, we can continue this new school year with even more positive input and energy and to make that happen we need all the help we can get.
I’m ready to spend my spare time to work on a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which makes the school a great place for our children and the rest of the community to go to. I hope that during the year you like to share some ideas, which can contribute in making the school a happy and special place. But, for example, also your stay as parents in a foreign country should be as comfortable as can be. If you like certain subjects to be discussed don’t hesitate to mention them and we can perhaps help you out. Most parents I already know and others I look forward to meet. I wish you all a beautiful and inspiring school year!!!
Contact at:

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Tinbit Legesse
MYP5b Representative

My name is Tinbit Legesse Getachew. I am originally from Ethiopia and came to the Netherlands a few years ago. I have two sons. Yonatan just joined ISA (MYP5b) and Milkias who is following up in a local school Weesp. As a family we worked and lived in different countries in Asia and Africa where my children went to International schools. In these countries we all had a privilege of interacting with many cultures. It is once again nice to return to a cross-cultural set up and actively participate on various events with ISA community.


Karel Lankenau
DP1 Representative
Karel Lankenau is the father of two sons. They are in MYP4i and DP1.

Yvonne Vermeer
DP2 Representative
My name is Yvonne Vermeer, I am mother to three sons (23, 18 and 17 years). I joined the PSG because I believe active parent participation is essential in a growing school. The PSG may contribute towards a favorable learning environment for our students in supporting the many activities organised in school and in welcoming (new) families in our school community. It is my pleasure to be your grade representative for DP2 and I am looking forward to working together with you this school year.
Contact at:

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